Hydrovac Services

Hydrovac Services

We are a full-service sewer and pipeline company based in Surrey, Columbia. We do everything from municipal work to new sub-divisions and developments, serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland. Call: 604-385-4328 for more information.

A&A Testing Ltd. offers a range of vactor units tailored to suit various project requirements. Utilizing Hydro Vacuuming technology with safe high-pressure digging wands, we prioritize safety and precision, providing peace of mind regarding the protection of existing utilities. With an extensive inventory of Vacuum hoses, our team can access even the most challenging-to-reach areas, extending up to 150 feet from the truck. Our personnel undergo rigorous training in both truck operation and safety protocols, ensuring a competent and secure working environment.

Hydrovacing, a form of vacuum excavation, has revolutionized the industry by offering a safer alternative to traditional digging methods. By utilizing high-pressure digging wands with pressures ranging from 1500 to 2500 PSI, hydrovacing minimizes the risk of piercing or cutting utilities, making it an invaluable tool in construction projects. Its increasing popularity stems from its unmatched safety and efficiency, particularly in excavating around utilities. Additionally, hydrovacing can be employed in various industrial applications, including tank cleaning, oil separators, and siltation ponds. We pride ourselves on maintaining a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery for our clients.

Hydrovac Services:

  • Potholing: Create small holes to locate underground utilities safely.
  • Daylighting: Safely expose underground utilities or structures.
  • Trenching: Efficiently excavate trenches for various purposes.
  • Excavations: Provide safe and efficient excavation solutions.
  • Sumps and catch basins: Clean and maintain sumps and catch basins effectively.
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