CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection

We are a full-service sewer and pipeline company based in Surrey, British Columbia. We do everything from municipal work to new sub-divisions and developments, serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland. Call: 604-385-4325 for more information.

A&A Testing uses Subsite Electronics as our equipment supplier. A leader in the industry; they build rugged dependable inspection equipment that stands up to the demanding environments they are subject to. We also use POSM software (Pipeline Observation System Management) a user-friendly highly adaptable software that is constantly being updated and improved to meet the ever-changing specifications in our area.

CCTV inspections are a significant step in sewer maintenance and development. Video inspections help cities, municipalities, contractors, and private owners determine the condition of their pipeline systems. Whether it’s a large contract for the city as a part of a maintenance program or as a quality control measure for contractors trying to meet the standards of today’s stringent specifications.

A&A Testing’s NASSCO-certified operators have years of experience and provide consistent quality reporting in a friendly professional manner, offering recommendations for repairs and different options for getting those difficult jobs done.

CCTV Inspection Services

  • Mainline Sewer Inspection – 150mm to 1800mm
  • House services – IC Pot to main – 75mm to 200mm
  • House services – main to house (lateral Launcher) – 100mm to 200mm
  • Remote mainline & service inspection (easements, buildings, difficult access)
  • Long distance inspection up to 600 meters
  • Large diameter pipe (steerable tractor) – 600mm to 2500mm
  • Large diameter heavy flow (Pontoon Camera) – 900mm to 2500mm
  • Above ground pipe tracking
  • Mandrel Deflection Gauges – 150mm to 900mm
  • NASSCO Certified Operators
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