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We are a full service sewer and pipeline company based in Surrey, British Columbia. We do everything from municipal work to new sub-divisions and developments, serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland. Call: 604-385-4328 for more information.

A&A Testing’s technicians are certified through BCWWA and follow the guidelines laid out in the MMCD Gold & Platinum Editions for pressure testing and other related tests. Our technicians are brought up through the system with years of pipe laying experience, that vast knowledge gives us an edge before they go for training and certification through the BCWWA courses. The Water distribution level one, Back Flow Certification, and Hydrant Repair & Certification courses give our technicians the knowledge and tools necessary to provide our clients with accurate reporting and the confidence to know that we can find your problems.

Line Acceptance Testing: Both ends of the pipe are blocked off at manholes with inflatable balls. Low pressure air is introduced into the sealed pipeline thru one of the balls. The rate of escaping air is measured at the control panel on the trailer and this rate indicates the acceptance or rejection of the pipeline.

Air and Water Testing Services:

  • Low pressure air test – 100mm to 900mm size pipes
  • Chlorination & de-chlorination (debugging)
  • Air Leak detection – 100mm to 900mm size pipe
  • Ex-filtration test ( Using Water ) – 100mm to 900mm size pipe
  • Lamp Inspection – 100mm to 900mm size pipe
  • Line pigging – 100mm to 450mm
  • Water Samples
  • Back flow Certification
  • Flow Testing
  • Hydrant Certification

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