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Over the past 20 years, A&A Testing Ltd has been managed and operated by Mike Jones, a NASSCO certified operator with over 30 years of experience in the Sewer Cleaning, CCTV Inspection & Air & Water Testing industries.

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A&A Testing was established in 1997 and is a member of the B&B Group of companies since 2012, for the past twenty years we have been providing the construction industry with many of the required components of new development, cleaning, CCTV Inspection, air & water testing.

In the beginning we were small with only three trucks. As the industry has grown so have we, today we have over 10 units and are looking to expand as well as replace our more experienced equipment. Our most recent addition in 2016 was a new testing Van; we are currently outfitting a new Video van that will be ready by late spring 2017.

Who We Are

A&A Testing’s commitment to providing the best service in the industry means that you need the best people, professionals who take their jobs seriously. A&A Testing’s staff are all well trained and certified to meet the industry’s requirements; A&A Testing has membership with NASSCO and the BCWWA. Our Video Operators are all PACP certified trained over time brought up through the company so that they understand the complexities and commitment needed to provide a consistent quality assessment of all the pipe systems. Our Tester are certified in water distribution and cross connections, brought up through the company as well having spent years as pipe layers working on sewer and water pipelines. Understanding the standards required by industry helps our Operators and Testers identify the problems and where they can be found.

Mike Jones

General Manager

Phone: 604-861-3193
Email: mjones@a-atesting.com

A&A Testing Ltd.

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